Brittany LeAnn Watts-Hendrixs is a Junior, English major at Skidmore College. Bri considers herself to be a creator of words on a page, dance in space, questions for the soul, joy for the atmosphere and a humanitarian. She has been writing professionally since freshmen year of high school where she attended the Cleveland School of Arts as a creative writing major. She’s attended a number of residencies, because she loves writing so much. Bri started her dancing career during her first year of college and has performed in a number of workshops, because she loves to perform. When Bri is not writing or dancing, she loves spending time with people from new to seasoned. She is passionate about social issues including poverty, homelessness, hunger, education, mass incarceration, relationships between all people and self, and mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. She is a strong advocate for self love and self awareness, using her God given gifts of art and love as tools to create new worlds.
“I become engrossed with stripping this world of it’s veil,” explains Miss Bri, “reminding people that it is their human right to question and to demand — to be free, in every possible iteration.”
She hopes you enjoy her writing and journey as much as she does.