Act Now!!! The Deadline to apply for Skidmore’s Funded Internship Awards Program is this Friday, March 27th

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If you are applying for an unpaid internship, research, volunteer, or community service project, you may want to consider applying to the Skidmore Summer Funded Internship Awards Program! This program is made possible through the generosity of various donors of the Skidmore Community, including the Skidmore’s Parents Council, parents, alumni, employees, and friends of the College. This is a fantastic opportunity to make connections, develop your skills, and get real-world experience in your career field of interest!

It is each student’s responsibility to apply for internships of interest directly with an organization AND then apply for funding on My CDC on the Career Development Center’s website. Students are encourage to apply for all awards that they are qualified for. Detailed information about the different awards are outlined in the Skidmore Summer Funded Internship Awards booklet, which is available in the Career Development Center and online.

Blake Henderson, ’16

Tonight, Tuesday March 24! Living the Liberal Arts in Religious Studies, find out more about this major and where it can take you

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Throughout history, philosophy and religion have significantly influenced human existence and development. As an outcome of human belief, faith and ideality, religion becomes a kaleidoscope of the human world, incorporating a wide variety of cultural products such as music, art and architecture, and revealing and guiding social morality.

Nowadays Religious Studies in Liberal Arts colleges lead students to critically analyze human dilemma and interpret human nature. Religious Studies provides students a series of important skills in today’s multicultural workplace including international business, journalism, arts, law, and government. Moral criticism, analytical skills, communication skills and originality are crucial for today’s cultural, political and economic construction.

The Department of Religious Studies and The Career Development Center are jointly hosting the “Living the Liberal Arts in Religious Studies” panel on March 24th, 5:30 – 7 pm, in the Pohndorff Room in Scribner Library. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to explore the Religious Studies major or minor at Skidmore College, and gain a better understanding about the wide range of career options in Religious Studies through a discussion, Q & A, and one-to-one interactions with our alumni. Refreshments will be served and your questions will be answered. Come and talk to the seasoned professionals and get prepared for your future career!

Lingyan (Claire) Yu, ’16

Skidmore Summer Funded Internship Awards Program

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Skidmore Summer Funded Internship Awards Program
Don’t Miss a Chance to Win $4,000
Deadline to Apply: March 27, 2015
Please contact Penny Loretto at with any questions that you have
Open to All Students!

Next Step Connections Information Session

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Are you interested in doing an internship abroad?
April 1, Ladd 307, 7 pm
Learn about internship opportunities in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand and Spain!

What are you doing after college?

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Well before you get there you should read the AfterCollege blog at

Career Coach Perspectives: The Elevator Pitch

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So, if I was a recruiter and asked you to tell me about yourself, what would you say? Take a second…it’s difficult right? You’re trying to sell yourself, but how do you sum about two decades of experiences that have made you complex, qualified, and an attractive candidate?

Did you talk about your hometown, or that you like dogs, or did you talk about your GPA? All valid points! But I know how impressed I am when someone is in touch with who they are and can articulate their viewpoints concisely. Let’s strive to be that person who can tell you what kind of work they do, what kind of work they are best suited for, and how they react to situations without blinking an eye. This kind of information is probably going to be more useful to HR than what your favorite flavor of ice cream is (mine’s is vanilla, what does that say about me?).

Being able to articulate who you are and what you’re about in 60 seconds is a very powerful skill–sometimes you have one brief chance to make a lasting impression, and you want to make the most of it. In the professional world, this 60 second spiel is called “an elevator pitch.” It is often the beginning of a process called “networking” (I like to think of it more as trying to make a friend to take some of the pressure off).

When it comes to summing up work experiences, this blog post is not the best medium to give you the individualized responses you deserve. But if you set up an appointment with a career counselor or drop in to resume review hours, the CDC may be able to help with that (shameless plug…)! My two cents on summing up your job/current projects is this: keep it simple. Say, you are research assistant and you have a slew of responsibilities; it may be hard to listen to a laundry list of duties you have. Your resume/LinkedIn page can cover all of that. Condense it down.

Luckily for us, we do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to picking phrases that will help the listener realize they are lucky to be in the presence of a self-aware, highly intelligent individual. There are a variety of personality quizzes that can help phrase how you respond to challenges, how you influence others, your interests, how you make decisions, how you process information, etc.

*Interest Inventory:
*Visit the CDC for your free MyPlan login and a delightful chat with our career counselors to access the Myers-Briggs and Interest Inventory links!

For the sake of keeping this blog post a somewhat manageable length, I will talk about the DISC. My results said my strongest personality factor is “Steadiness” and interpreted this as “[having] the ability to do the task in hand and to do routine work with patience and care.” I also got this nice little blurb that reads: “You enjoy interacting with and helping people. You are open to new ideas and procedures. Although you are calm and controlled you still project enthusiasm and optimism. Your natural supportive, listening and empathetic behavior makes you a good coach.” I would not read off this nicely packaged blurb as a pitch because it very general, but I did let these phrases marinate. My main take-aways were that my personality traits allow me to be successful in situations where I have to interact with people and that I am detail oriented (my Myers-Briggs reaffirm this). I think of successful work experiences I have had in the past and what work I enjoy doing, and these results still hold true.

So what does this all mean? Well, I hate to give this answer because it feels like a cop-out, but you can use these however you want. You can choose to verbalize some of these phrases when trying to explain yourself to another person, or you can use these results to guide what type of work opportunities to look for. Or because CTM, these results will manifest in some unique situation and I would love to hear about it! But all I am saying is if someone dropped that they “may lose interest in projects once the challenge has gone and they tend to be impatient and dissatisfied with minor detail” (quote from DISC results) and referenced an example of this, I would be floored at how well they knew themselves.

But, what about you! Did you find these quizzes accurate? That in certain lights, your results accurately reflected your spirit and verbalized your attitudes and interests so accurately you were mad you didn’t think of them yourself? Fantastic! Write some of these phrases down and use them! Or, were you unimpressed by these quizzes and likened them more to generic fortune cookie outputs? Super duper! Think of why your results did not resonate with you and maybe you can reference those.

In conclusion, you are smart, capable and deserving of others’ time. Take the time to come up with a brief statement to help other people realize it quickly. These personality quizzes can help, but they are not the only way to go about describing your personality–if you don’t feel comfortable using them, don’t. Talk it out with your friends, your family, your pet turtle: just practice your pitch. Regardless of what tools you use (or don’t), just keep in mind what you want people to remember about you.

Internship Expo 2015: What I Did Last Summer

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Learn everything you need to know about internships!

Tonight Monday February 23,

Murray-Aikins Dining Hall, Second Floor

5:00 to 7:00 PM

You will get a chance to hear from Juniors & Seniors about their internships last summer, how they applied, & what they learned from their experiences.

Have your resume reviewed

Learn how to use the CDC databases to find opportunities

Get information about the Skidmore Summer Funded Internship Awards Program

Questions? Contact the Career Development Center at, or call 518-580-5790

Want to help the world?

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Want a job with IMPACT? Meet with a PAL today

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Alumni Rachel Konowitz, ’09 will be tabling in Case Center from 11:30 to 3:00 PM. Learn more about how you can make an IMPACT on our planet, FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT, OUR DEMOCRACY, OUR FUTURE.

IMPACT currently employs organizers in 25 states, working on national campaigns to reduce global warming pollution, restore Clean Water Act protections to America’s streams, expand solar power in 12 states from Arizona to Massachusetts, end the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms, and counter the influence of Super PACs and billionaires over our democracy.

Stop by to learn more!

Want to teach in China?

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Friend of a Professor, Dr Wong will be hosting an information session this Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM at Starbuck 203.

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