Hillbrook School is a co-ed, independent school located in Los Gatos, California on a recently renovated 14 acre campus. Since its founding in 1935, the school has provided an extraordinary educational experience that fosters a love of learning in our students and helps them develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to achieve their highest individual potential in school and in life. Our talented faculty delivers a differentiated program that provides students with a unique blend of challenging academics, life skills, and service opportunities. The school has 315 students and a student/teacher ratio of 7:1.

Hillbrook School is recognized as a leader in educational innovation, earning designation as an Apple Distinguished School for its vision and work. The 1:1 iPad program in the middle school, the pioneering iLab, student participation in the Maker Faire, and the newly created Center for Teaching Excellence all stem from a commitment to being on the leading edge of best practices in education. Educators from around the country have participated in school-sponsored professional development opportunities including the upcoming iPad Schools Summer Seminar and Learning Spaces Summit, the Innovative Leadership Conference co-sponsored with the Santa Fe Leadership Center, and numerous iPad one-day workshops and tours.

Hillbrook School is seeking Lower School Resident Teachers (grades JK-4) who will teach shoulder-to-shoulder with our grade-level teaching teams while participating in a paid, two-year professional development program for beginning and early-career teachers.

Resident Teacher Program Description:
At the heart of great schools is great teaching. The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at Hillbrook is a program that provides students and faculty with an exceptional educational experience and environment. The core of the CTE is the Resident Teacher Program, a paid, two-year, hands-on teaching and professional development experience that incorporates both theoretical and practical aspects of teaching for beginning and early-career teachers.

Modeled after medical residency training provided for doctors, Residents teach shoulder-to-shoulder with our grade-level and departmental teaching teams engaging in all aspects of teaching and school-wide responsibilities; collaborate, explore and exchange ideas on cutting-edge practices impacting teaching and educational excellence; and have leadership opportunities at Hillbrook-sponsored conferences and events. Our emphasis on collaboration and co-teaching allows the Resident and teaching teams to make deep inquiries into learning.

From Emily Drew-Moyer ’12, current Resident Teacher

How To Apply:
Visit My CDC Account, Posting #8829, for more information and instructions to apply.