Recent Publications

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Our newest peer-reviewed publications are available below.

Musical Training Mediates the Relation between Working Memory Capacity and Preference for Musical Complexity

Vuvan, Simon, Baker, Monzingo & Elliott, 2020, Memory & Cognition


Aggregate Context Effects in Music Processing

Schmuckler, Vuvan & Lewandowska, 2020, Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics

Vowel Content Influences Relative Pitch Perception in Vocal Melodies

Russo, Vuvan & Thompson, 2019, Music Perception


Musical style affects the strength of harmonic expectancy

Vuvan & Hughes, 2019, Music and Science


Random feedback makes listeners tone-deaf

Vuvan, Zendel, & Peretz, 2018, Nature Scientific Reports

Cortical sources of the auditory attentional blink

Shen, Vuvan, & Alain, 2018, Journal of Neurophysiology

Can you tell a prodigy from a professional musician?

Comeau, Vuvan, Picard-Deland, & Peretz, 2017, Music Perception

Pre-target neural oscillations predict variability in the detection of small pitch changes

Florin, Vuvan, Peretz, & Baillet, 2017, PLoS ONE

The Montreal Protocol for Identification of Amusia

Vuvan, Paquette, Mignault-Goulet, Royal, Felezeu, & Peretz, 2017, Behavior Research Methods

Prevalence of congenital amusia

Peretz & Vuvan, 2017, European Journal of Human Genetics

Effects of Vocal Training in a Musicophile with Congenital Amusia

Wilbiks, Vuvan, Girard, Peretz, & Russo, 2016, Neurocase