La Belle Notre Dame

WORD OF THE DAY: feu- fire

I’m writing an emergency blog tonight because as I write this, Notre Dame is still on fire. As far as I understand, the fire started around 2.5 hours ago when the spire collapsed.

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I already spoke a little about this with the gilet jaune, but this is a good chance to review what to do in crisis situations like this in a foreign country. Skidmore in Paris is part of the larger, IES organization. In situations like these, IES sends out a mass text to everyone studying at one of their centers here in Paris, and everyone is expected to respond with your name, your location, and whether or not you are safe. How do they send out a mass text, you ask? Simple, at the beginning of the semester, IES had everyone write down their phone numbers before the end of the first week. If your number changes, you’re expected to notify them immediately.

I, like everyone else, am devastated by what has happened tonight at Notre Dame. The city of Paris has been through so much heartache in the past five years; this did nothing to help it. I am hopeful thought that Notre Dame will survive this. The National Cathedral in DC, my cathedral, suffered terrible damage from an earthquake in 2011. The cathedral is still being repaired today, but it is still standing. It may take a while to repair, but Notre Dame will not fall.

…probably not

À bientôt,


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