20 hours in Quedlinburg

This weekend, I decided that I needed a break from my homestay, and the constant headache and allergies that come with it. My solution was a short overnight trip out of Berlin, so I did some research on small cities with a central train station and access to nature and found Quedlinburg! Quedlinburg is about 3 hours away from Berlin by train, and fit all of my goals for my trip. I left after my class on Friday, was on my first train by 5PM, and one transfer later, I arrived in Quedlinburg! I misjudged how far the city center was from the train station and thus decided to just go to my hotel, and have a nice night in on my own. And yes, I got a hotel room rather than a bed in a hostel because I decided that I really really needed to treat myself, and as I haven’t had any privacy in a month, it was definitely worth it. In the morning, I got up just in time to check out and began my day! It turns out the center of the town was only a 10 minute walk from where I was staying so I made the short trek in and began exploring.

The tiny center of Quedlinburg

Quedlinburg is known for it’s architecture, and being one of the best preserved medieval towns. A large percentage of the houses are from the 1600’s and 1700’s, and the entire city has this idyllic vibe to it, but it still seemed like a place where people actually lived, something that Bruges was lacking. My day consisted of wandering around, snapping photos of the houses, and reading! First, I read in this adorable public park where locals and tourists alike were out strolling about. I ate some of the food I had packed from Berlin in an attempt to save money, and allowed myself to just relax. From the park, I found the Castle that Quedlinburg is known for, and did the 4 minute hike to the top, where the views were incredible. Rather than pay to tour the inside, I gave myself a mini self tour of the exterior, and while I was up there, I spotted something very exciting.

Part of the castle

When I decided to go on this trip, I really wanted to find nature, and find some woods and just go sit in the forest! When I was looking however, it seemed very difficult to make that work with my limited timing and my ability to only use the train. While I was up in the castle however, I was able to look at the town, and spotted a patch of forest I hadn’t seen from my map or on the ground! I made my way over to it, and found exactly what I wanted! There was a large clearing covered by trees with sunlight coming through, highlighting the leaves as they fell. I found a bench, pulled out my book and a snack, and stayed for a few hours. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating, and by the time I had to make my way back to the train, I felt so satisfied with my decision for my trip. It was the perfect amount of time, the perfect getaway, and makes me feel so much happier about leaving Germany on Saturday, as I have seen more than just Berlin

My little forest haven

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