Olomouc, My New Favourite Getaway

In between Krakow and Prague, our group went to Olomouc for 2 days of nature and relaxation. This program moves quickly, and travelling takes such a toll on all of us. Luckily, we took a 2 day break from classes and were able to just explore the lovely city of Olomouc and the surrounding countryside. We stayed in the same dorm that our director Iveta lived in when she was in school in Olomouc and were able to see things that Iveta experienced when she was our age. The city itself was beautiful and so quiet, a nice contrast to Krakow where there were people everywhere, but even more incredible was the nature surrounding the country. On our second day, we ventured out of the city and into the countryside to explore caves. The weather was absolutely incredible and being able to go on a short hike was amazing. We all were surprised at how much we missed nature after having been in cities for so long, and the weather was so sunny and beautiful which made the experience that much better. I had no idea that the Czech countryside is so amazing! 

We took the oppourtunity to take a bunch of group photos, and ate every meal as a group which lead to even more bonding, especially with Iveta our director. We even went to a wine cellar as a group and tried some great Czech wines. I never would have found Olomouc on my own, but I am SO glad that the program took us there!

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