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February 2015 archive

Creative Solutions

I just returned from a magical wonderland called Creative Solutions, an NGO that works towards promoting environmental education and creates beautiful recycled art. This wonderland is located in the small fishing village of Mangapwani on the western side of Zanzibar. The other students and I packed ourselves into our rented van and chatted throughout the …

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Changes Around the House

Each time I sit down to write my next blog post I am continuously faced with the challenge of finding my next topic. This is not because I need to search through my daily schedules, digging deep into the corners of all that exists around me, to find something worthy of sharing with the world …

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Let us talk about FOOD

First off, the food here is delicious. Especially so because my older sister, “dada” in Swahili, at my home stay loves to cook and thankfully also seems to have a talent for it. You know how they say you love the things you’re good at? Well unfortunately that is not always true but I promise …

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Cultural Differences and the Official 2 Week Mark!

Although my time in Zanzibar has only been a mere two weeks, there is already a wealth of amazement I could share about this beautiful little Island. This second weeks seems to be moving faster than the first but that honestly only means that each adventure we partake in is rapidly becoming squished closer and …

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