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April 2015 archive

To the DAY. I have Two and a Half Weeks Left in Zanzibar.

I will be home in two and a half weeks. I will be home in seventeen days. I will be back in Ann Arbor, Michigan surrounded once again by what is familiar. My mom, dad, and sister will pick me up at the airport and wrap me in their arms time after time again. They …

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Karibuni Tena! Welcome Again!

How many times a day I hear this phrase is astounding. Sure, I walk up and down the streets of Stone Town and “Karibu” is hollered in my direction by shop keepers of all sorts with some common misunderstanding that just because I am white all I am looking to do is shop, shop, shop …

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Coastal Ecology

For the coastal ecology section of this semester, we worked primarily with the coastal expert, Dr. Matt Richmond. This man has lived primarily in Australia and England but traveled around the globe to more remote locations than I can remember. He wrote the majority of the field guide on the Indian Ocean that we use …

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The University of Dar es Salaam

University, during the time you spend there, seems like such an important part of a student’s life. Not only do we spend at least four years of our lives calling this place home but before we even arrive, many stressful, worrying yet exciting hours are spent figuring out which university may best fit our specific …

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So…. I went on Safari.

Yes you read that correctly, I just came back from two days of intense safari-ing!! The other wanafunzi and I spent the last two weeks on the mainland of Tanzania, capping the trip with a three day excursion to Mikumi National Park. Monkeys and zebras and elephants OH MY!! There is not much to say …

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