Less Stress

Choosing to study in the fall means you have the entire summer to prepare.

More Flexibility

Deadlines for fall semester programs are more flexible, including those for non-approved petitions.

Jobs & Internships

Studying abroad in the fall puts you back on campus for spring interviews.

Staying Longer

When you study off-campus in the fall, you can choose to extend for the full year.

Easier Course Registration

Just like with housing, less people on campus means more room in the classes you want to take.

Better Housing

There’s more room on campus during the spring to get the housing you want.

I was at a place during Sophomore year where I just really needed something different (sophomore slump anyone?) and it felt like the right time to take a semester abroad.

Sydney Tennant

OCSE student blogger, CIEE Alicante, Spain

Going abroad for the full year has been the best decision I have ever made because it made me realize things about myself I would never know just by sitting around at Skidmore.

Renato Dornelas

OCSE student blogger, IES Auckland, New Zealand

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