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I am an experimental psychologist who studies and models perceptual processes — mostly vision and touch.

My undergraduate studies were in architecture and computer graphics, and my graduate work was in architecture+city planning and cognitive science. I did all this at The Ohio State University. I was a very early employee of Pixar where I designed user interfaces, researched medical imaging, and worked on short films and commercials that won all sorts of silly awards. My job title there was ‘animation scientist.’ Several members of my immediate family are/were superb musicians. I am a first generation college student from Appalachia. It’s pop, not soda.


I teach classes in Computational and Quantitative Methods as well as Perception.

I occasionally teach Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Cognitive Science and seminars on Sensory Compensation, Ecological Perception, Human vs. Machine Vision and Aesthetics.

I am incredibly proud and honored to be associated with Project Prakash.

I just wrapped up a Fulbright & sabbatical, hanging out at RIT, MIT & Gießen.

Skidmore College
Psychology & Neuroscience
Tisch 155
815 North Broadway
Saratoga Springs, New York
+1 518 580 5313

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