My research focuses on human perception — mainly through vision and touch. This includes within- and cross-modality perceptual psychophysics as well as occasional forays into deceptive motion and aesthetics.

In 1986, Mike Torello and I did, what we would argue, was the first 'functional imaging' by combining EEG data with the output of the then-new MRI scanner. This is a later image, rendered using the volumetric reconstruction algorithm we developed at Pixar while I was there.Differential Geometry (Koenderink's 'shape-index') for one of James Gibson's 'Feelies'. We digitized the original from the Archives of American Psychology and can 3D print them as needed as well as do geometric analysis.A while back, Martin Voshell and I did some research on perceiving space -behind you-. Eye tracking during haptic shape discrimination.Hmmm.A little differential geometry calculations from Mathematica, on a 'noisy golf ball.' This object is obviously globally convex. But- statistically, it is equally concave -and- convex.

My classes include Computational and Quantitative Methods as well as Perception. I am occasionally permitted to teach Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Cognitive Science and, during extremely rare breaks from slogging it out teaching t-tests, I get to run seminars on Neural Plasticity, Ecological Perception and Aesthetics.

I just wrapped up a Fulbright grant & sabbatical, hanging out at RIT, MIT & Gießen.

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