Glaven Explorer

Very preliminary, for Eric.  

When I do the wrong thing…

A small issue with a contour plot based on a very efficient Value Noise implementation (well, efficient for Mathematica). It eventually looks like this, which is the ‘right thing’

Pegged. It will come back to you?

Doing a sort of gigantic parallel computation in Mathematica. A little too gigantic, I’m afraid. Um- can IT deliver my new MacPro sooooon? Pleeeeease?

Abby Normal

I was trying to figure out why there were shading artifacts on a 3D object I created for some vision experiments. I’ve got a metric-ton of Mathematica I’ve written over the years for doing computational geometry and it stood… Read More


Back in 1987 I wrote some code for generating ‘noisy objects’. I cleaned up that code over the years, enhanced some calculations, played with new Mathematica features. Now I’ve got stuff that looks like this. I’ll put a… Read More

Vision Science 2014 poster

Here’s Phillips, Mazzarella & Docter (2014) for VSS. Get the PDF here Phillips2014 (Draft of 13 May). Specularity and shape from line drawings. If you’re in Florida next week drop in and say ‘hi’. Or not. An interesting thought: this could… Read More

VSS Analysis Continues

It never ends. Depth maps.

Pete Experiment II

More images from the drawing experiment and its analysis.

Pete Experiment

Going to have to hurry up to get my stuff ready for VSS. So much data, so little time. A project I’m working on with Julia Mazzeralla and my ol’ pal Pete Docter.

Slippy slidy particles

A friend of mine asked me a question about the way that standing waves make sand on a 2D plate make pretty patterns. So, I whipped up a quick 1D example in Mathematica. I threw 50 randomly distributed… Read More

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