Recurrence, heat maps, trajectories and fixations

More analysis from Dave Jacobs’ eye tracking project. We wrote all the analysis code ourselves in Mathematica. There’s a bug in the heat map compositing, but I shall procrastinate a solution soon. Lifted largely from Eye Tracking: A comprehensive… Read More

Recurrence plot

Eye tracking recurrence ala Anderson et al. 2013. With Dave Jacobs and the amazing Yarbus and Babcock software packages.  

Curvature Field Computations

Curvature field calculations for a random noisy shape. Colors represent magnitude of curvature. Iso-contours also shown in lovely pink.

Hairy Glaven

Hairy elongated noisy stimulus. The lines are surface normals, sampled across the object. They are generated using a continuous random method (sometimes called ‘noise’) and were used to test symmetry perception in 3D shape.

Sculpted Golden Boy

A stimulus, # 13, otherwise known as ‘golden boy’ (long story) with a mapping of under- and over-sculpt from a shape production experiment where we had artists and non-artists reproduce shapes using only vision, touch, or some combination… Read More

Statistical Shape of 3D Objects.

Statistical distribution of shape on a 3D object (A bell pepper from Norman et al). Each color represents a class of shape ala Koenderink’s “Shape Index”. The histogram below shows the distribution along with a key to the shape… Read More

Anticipation of Sabre Fencing Attacks

A set of motion-capture trajectories for the Anticipation of Sabre Fencing Attacks paper by Pete Possidente and I. You can see the ‘whip’ of the tip of the sabre at the end of the attack (green dots on top)…. Read More

Photon Noise

  Photon noise… rendered via RenderMan.

Volume Render of Fish Neural Development

 A volume rendering (again, via Mathematica) of some developing neural structures in zebrafish. With Aaron Beck and Jen Bonner @ Skidmore.

Marroquin patterns

I notice that I seem to generate a lot of images while doing analysis, largely using Wolfram Research’s Mathematica… so, maybe every day I should post one of those images here- an image of something I’m working on, an… Read More

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