Specularity and Shape from Line Drawings

Indications of shape via specularity in line drawings. PDF here: Mazzarella2014

Visual & Haptic Geometry of 3D Shape Discrimination

Phillips, F., O’Donnell, E. & Kernis, N. Visual and haptic geometry of 3D shape discrimination. Journal of Vision 15, 866–866 (2015). PDF Some preliminary work on ‘where you look when you’re trying to discriminate 3D objects.’ Turns out, it’s… Read More

Some historical stuff – Functional Imaging before Functional Imaging

Torello, M. W., Phillips, T., Hunter, W. W., Jr. & Csuri, C. A. Combinational Imaging. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology 4, 274–293 (1987). PDF Volumetric brain oblique. Rendered on a Pixar Image Computer, circa 1987. This is a schizophrenic… Read More

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