I’m changing things

FrinkYes, this is that classic ‘under construction’ post. I’m moving things around. Cleaning things up. Posting PDFs. Singing a little song.


Virgin position map


Oh, Henry.

Oh, Henry.

Visual & Haptic Geometry of 3D Shape Discrimination

Some historical stuff – Functional Imaging before Functional Imaging

Whatcha lookin’ at?

Omega-style headphone stand

Omega StandFor my birthday I bought myself a nice set of headphones — Grado PS500. They were sitting on my desk, in a pile of coffee stained Natures and strange SkidShop snack-bags.

So I designed and printed the following, inspired by the so-called “Omega” headphone stands that are out there. Check it out at Thingaverse

Oh and a shout-out to McNeel and Assoc for letting me be part of the Rhino for Macintosh beta-group.

Wolfram Programming Cloud

You can create this:

With this:

   "rule" -> Restricted["Number", {0, 255, 1}] -> 30, 
   "step" -> Restricted["Number", {0, Infinity, 1}] -> 50
  ArrayPlot[CellularAutomaton[#rule, {{1}, 0}, #step], 
    Frame -> False] &,
  ], Permissions -> "Public"]

Fun! Check out some of the fun stuff here https://www.wolframcloud.com

A day of problem solving pictures.

One of the things I love about using Mathematica is that it helps me better understand the nature of my programming and problem solving. It’s a great tool to help make sense of problems, see your errors, verify and validate your computations.

Here is a set of 26 images from today’s efforts to solve a particular problem of differential geometry on densely sampled meshes.

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More good bad results

Some days, things don’t go well, but you end up with interesting looking things anyway.


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