How to set up an appointment with me

Thank you for actually looking at how to do this rather than fumbling and fidgeting around in quiet desperation. You will be rewarded in the afterlife.

NOTE that as of Fall ’17 these instructions have changed as we’ve migrated to a newer version of Office.

Step one

Go to and log in with your address if necessary.

Step two

Open your Calendar.

Step three

Create a New Calendar Event.

Step four

In the People section of the Details search for me.

Step five

Add some minor details about why you’d like to meet, then select a date and time using the tools on the right of the Details popup. If I’m available, it will say so, if not, it will say I am busy.

Step six

Hit Send and it will drop me an email to see if I’m available. (Sometimes I have meetings scheduled that aren’t in my public Outlook calendar.) You’ll receive an email that will let you know if I can make it or not, and some possible re-schedule times if necessary. If you use Outlook or Apple Calendar on your Mac, PC, or phone, it will also provide you with a convenient schedule link.

That should be all there is to it. If you have trouble, drop me an email the olde fashioned way.

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