Original Series

The annual Fox-Adler Lecture honors the late Norman M. Fox and the late Hannah Moriarta Adler, rare book enthusiasts and collectors, and the entire Fox family.

Hannah Adler (left) with Norman Fox (right)

Hannah Adler, a native Saratogian, was an avid collector of 18th– and 19th-century books and drawings. In 1967, she loaned to Skidmore her extensive collection of 18th– and 19th-century books. The collection now belongs to the College thanks to the generosity of Norman M. Fox, his commitment to preserving literature and the arts, and his desire to perpetuate his friend’s legacy. As a result, it is now named the Fox collection.  His support for the Fox-Adler Lecture springs from his joy and interest in the collection and his wish to share its richness with others.

In 1990, the Fox family endowed the lecture series in perpetuity. This named lecture, which holds its place among the College’s other endowed lectures, forms an integral part of Skidmore College and enlightens members of town and gown who attend.  This lecture series is named for lifelong friends Norman M. Fox and Hannah Moriarta Adler.

Click here to see a booklet created in honor of Norman M. Fox.

In 2001, the College named the lecture the Fox-Adler lecture to honor Norman Fox, then owner of the collection.  In 2005, Norman and his family—Harvey Fox, Cassie Roche Fox [Skidmore ’80], and Cindy Fox Aisen—gave the Fox Collection to the College along with a $100,000 gift to endow the lecture series. Over the years, the family has supported a number of important initiatives, including a richly illustrated catalogue of the entire rare book collection and several brochures based on exhibitions from the collection which you can see on this website.