EN376: Independent Study

Whilst the Fox-Adler collection has been used by multiple students to aid their understanding of texts in literature classes such as Victorian Illustrated Book and The 19th-Century British Novel, students use the Fox-Adler collection in many other ways outside of the traditional classroom setting.

For example, one student — Cameron Keady, class of 2012 — underwent his independent study using the collection where he produced an exhibit for the Scribner Library and accompanying booklet with help from Professor Catherine J. Golden of the Skidmore English Department.

(Above) The Other Side of the Coin

Keady’s independent study was titled The Other Side of the Coin: The Evolution of the Victorian Gentleman in 19th-Century Illustrations and explored the way that ten illustrations from the 19th Century captured the complexity of the Victorian Gentlemen over time. To do this, Keady used books from the collection to highlight his key points to go alongside his exhibition.

(Above) an illustration from the collection, utilized in a student’s independent research

Click here to read the booklet designed for the exhibition: Other Side of the Coin