Hi, everyone!

My first week at the Rotteck-Gymnasium was wonderful. I’m there four days a week and visit English classes as well as courses in other subjects which are taught in English. It felt a bit strange speaking in English with Germans (I generally avoid doing so unless it’s a Tandem exchange), but after a few hours, I got used to it. I’m honestly impressed by 1) how well the students can speak English, and 2) the fact that these kids are studying whole subjects in English at such a young age. If I had started learning German when I was ten, my skills would be impeccable by now! I speak in German in one-on-one conversations with the teachers unless we’re in the classroom. One thing that I’m always aware of while working is the fact that they learn British English in Germany. There are a number of differences in spelling and pronunciation which can sometimes confuse English learners, so I always have to be careful when correcting their mistakes.

Aside from helping the students with English, I want to use this as an opportunity for cultural exchange. I want to share aspects of life in the United States as well as learn a bit more about academic life here in Germany. A lot of them have probably seen stories on the news concerning American politics or issues, but have no idea what any of it is actually like. It’ll be interesting explaining things like the U.S. electoral system and why gun culture is seemingly embedded into the fabric of American society.  I’m very fortunate to have received this internship position, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

Until next time,

Derrick 🙂