Hi, everyone!

This is the week that my courses at IES come to a close… After this week, I’ll just have my two courses at the university as well as my internship. You know, I still haven’t entirely gotten used to being in school this late… I mean, in the USA I would be working a summer job and doing things around Chicago, but I’m still attending seminars in Germany. I’m definitely not complaining about being here (this is an amazing opportunity), but it’s something I constantly think about. My German has definitely gotten a lot better; people have even told me that my accent has gotten less noticeable when speaking. My vocabulary has also expanded quite a bit. Time has really flown by, though… This is my third semester abroad, and London and Paris definitely felt a lot slower (in a good way, of course). It’s interesting because those two are major cities, whereas Freiburg’s rather small in comparison. Life here is not very fast-paced, and one can walk to the city center within around an hour from pretty much any part of the city. I still need to go to France before I leave! Strasbourg is the one place people told was a must-see. Freiburg really does have an awesome location; it’s situated near the French and Swiss borders. On Saturdays, Swiss people come here to do their shopping. I also see groups of French students here every week. I wonder if being from a place that’s so close to the border gives one a “European” identity, rather than a German one. You’re constantly surrounded by people who speak other languages and cultural influences are a given. It’s meant to really hot this week, with temperatures reaching into the nineties.

Well, I have to keep working on a presentation for class next week. Wish me the best of luck with these last few IES classes!

Thanks for reading,

~Derrick 🙂