I’m finally done with my IES classes for this semester! There were only three IES classes that I ended up keeping: my German language class (required), my politics course, and my internship seminar. It was really nice having a super-advanced German class for the first time, and the fact that I made it through is definitely a sign of my progress in the language. I am now able to speak German at a faster pace than before, I have a better grasp of the grammar, and my vocabulary has been expanded. I loved the class because I was surrounded by people who appreciated the language as much as I do. As a matter of fact, I can now comfortably say that I’m fluent in German. Even though I’ve only been studying the language for three years, I have made a lot of progress due to my passion for languages as well as the amount of time I have dedicated to studying the language in my free time. My politics class was also great! The instructor always spoke very slowly, making sure that everyone understood the course content. I learned a lot about Germany’s political system. My internship seminar was nice because it gave us all a space to discuss how our internships were going. On Thursday there was a “farewell dinner”, something that every IES program does (I remember the ones in London and Paris). We ate traditional German food, drank beer, and presented the results of our hard work during the semester. The film class showed us their films, and I presented my German class’ newspaper project, where we had to interview experts and conduct research on a topic of our choice. I chose racism and cultural appropriation in Freiburg as mine. The paper came out looking really nice! I also got a certificate for making a conscious effort to use German throughout the semester. All in all, I am definitely glad that I chose IES’ Language and Area Studies program for this semester. Officially a month before I head back to the U.S.!

Thanks for reading!

Derrick 🙂

The newspaper’s cover

My certificate!