Heading into each new semester, it is often helpful to be able to copy content from an older Blackboard course to the upcoming one. Follow these steps to perform a course copy in Blackboard:

  1. Navigate to your old course in Blackboard
  2. In the Control Panel, select Packages and Utilities > Course Copy
  3. For Select Copy TypeCopy Course Materials into an Existing Course is chosen by default
  4. Under Select Copy Options, next to Destination Course ID, click Browse. A list of all your courses will appear. Select the course you want to copy content to, by selecting the course from the list, and click Submit.
  5. Under Select Course Materials, choose Select All or check the areas you wish to copy (Readings, Discussion Board, Assignments, etc.) and click Submit.
  6. Under File Attachments select Copy links and copies of the content.
  7. Do not include enrollments. Students are already added to the new course for you. (The system also automatically manages the adds and drops.)
  8. Click on Submit. A message will appear across the top of the screen indicating your request is being processed. You will receive an email as soon as the course copy is complete. The process works rather quickly, depending on the contents of the course. Usually 2 or 3 minutes.

After your content has been copied into your new upcoming course, you will find that the course menu likely needs attention. In most cases you can simply delete the empty menu items that have been duplicated during the copying process. If it is a Content Area, you should first open it to verify its contents before deleting.

Feel free to contact Aaron Kendall (akendall@skidmore.edu) in LEDS if you have any difficulties.

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