What is Zoom?
Zoom is Skidmore’s webconference platform of choice not only because the College licenses the software but, more importantly, Zoom offers an excellent tool set with consistently high performance. Members of the Skidmore community can login to a Pro account to host online meetings for one-to-one and small group virtual meetings. Zoom also integrates nicely with mobile devices such as iOS and Android. The complete Zoom User Guide is here.  Please submit an IT Help Desk ticket for training or troubleshooting assistance.

You must login to Skidmore’s  Zoom here to get started: https://skidmore.zoom.us

How does ZOOM work?

  • Use your Skidmore login to schedule, host and record online meetings
  • Sign into your ZOOM account at https://skidmore.zoom.us
  • ZOOM also integrates with Blackboard and Microsoft Outlook

For tutorials and One Minute Video Introductions, visit: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

How Do I Schedule Meetings?
How Do I Join A Meeting?
How Do I Share My Screen?
How Do I Join Or Test My Computer Audio?
How Do I Invite Others To Join My Meeting?

Why use ZOOM in class?

  • Offers the best quality easy-to-use high definition video and audio (compared to WebEx and Skype)
  • Allows guest lecturers, speakers and panelists to join class virtually
  • Connect and collaborate with research colleagues and educational resources across the globe
  • Hold virtual office hours during travel to conferences or to accommodate specific student needs

Which features of ZOOM are most striking?

  • Up to 100 people can participate
  • Screen Sharing
  • Video breakout Rooms
  • Co-annotation, Multi-Sharing and Polling

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