Creating Visual Learning Objects for Narrative and Documentation

Many tools exist nowadays to record yourself, your voice and/or your computer screen from a camera, webcam, or mobile device. These recordings (or screencasts) afford design and delivery nuances that weave together audio, video, and images. This workshop will provide an overview of the creation process and pose a range of examples and tips for speech delivery practice, documentation, and asynchronous instruction. We will also focus our attention on how and where to post content in order to reach the appropriate audience.

What is your scenario? Whom is your audience? These are key guiding questions to consider before you even get started. But first, it’s also important to know upfront no matter what your goals are for others to watch and listen to your public or private multimedia podcast, it must be MP4 for video files; MP3 for audio files.

Screencast production answers two main questions: a) how do I create a video of myself and my Powerpoint from my desktop; b) How do I create a video assemblage from different multimedia sources including video from my camera along with other videos and images?

Specifically, I want to…

-Create a live recording of my lecture and Powerpoint in class. Use Panopto.
-Create a recording of my voice, audio and screen capture of my lecture materials before class from my office or home? Use Panopto or Screenflow (Mac) and Captivate (Win).
-Create a recording of my video and or audio with other people present? Use iMovie or Screenflow on the desktop (huddle around desktop computer camera with others) or use audio video production equipment to record, import and edit. Then upload to Ensemble or YouTube/Vimeo.
-Create a recording of my voiceover along with video clips from movies on the web or from DVDs that I need to first digitize. Use Aimersoft to digitize the DVD. Use Screenflow or iMovie to import video clips and record your voice.
-Create a tutorial of with my video and/or voice along with a screen capture? Use Screenflow. Upload to Ensemble or YouTube/Vimeo
-Create a video recording of myself and the screen that lets me capture other videos? Use Screenflow then upload to Ensemble or YouTube/Video.

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