Use the WordPress MU toolbar to make changes to your blog. The toolbar can be found in the dashboard, or at the top of your browser in blog view mode.

Note: Clicking on the menu items displays their options as in the below screenshot for Posts.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.24.19 PM

From the Main Menu in the upper left hand corner, click on Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.42.37 PM                                        Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.43.02 PM

Click on My Blogs to display a list of your current blogs.

Click on Posts to edit, add a new post, or add an image to a post.

Click on Media to view files you have uploaded to your blog.

Click on Links to add URL’s to your blogs navigation menu.

Click on Pages to create a new page that links from your blog homepage

Click on Comments to manage comments made by visitors to your blog

Click on Appearance to change the theme or look of your blog