In Library 222, you can project your iOS device onto the screen over Skidmore’s wifi network using the Air Server app or by connecting with the Apple TV. But what if you aren’t teaching in this space and you’re hoping to project elsewhere? If neither option is available in your classroom, contact Academic Technologies. They will assist you with the appropriate solution and provide training on its use.

–Option 1 Apple TV projection
–Option 2 A. AirServer (Mac) < scroll down page to 2A.>
–Option 2 B. AirServer (Win) < scroll down page to 2B. >

Connecting to the Apple TV in Library 222

Power on the System. Click on Source. Select HDMI

Push a button on the Apple TV remote to “wake up” the Apple TV. Rather than what’s shown below, you may see a gray screen or some other type of screen with Apple TV information. This all lets you know the system is ready. If the remote isn’t available or if none of the above options display, simply go to the next step or ask for assistance.

Make sure your iOS device is connected to Skidmore’s Secure wifi. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Tap on Screen Mirroring.

Under Screen Mirroring, select LI222 to connect.

When you’re ready to stop projecting, swipe up from the bottom and select Stop Mirroring. Remember to log out and turn the projector off at the end of class.

Option 2–

Projecting with the Air Server app

A. Mac instructions (note: scroll down this page to Windows instructions if you are connecting from the PC)

Go to the App Store to search for, download and install the free Air Server Connect app on your iOS device.

Select Air Server from Applications

In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on the Air Server connect icon.

Select Show QR Code from the pull down menu

Launch the Air Server Connect app on your iOS device

Select Scan QR Code

Assign camera access to the app if prompted, then hold up the device camera to encompass the QR code on the screen

Swipe up from the bottom to access the Screen Mirroring menu

Select Screen Mirroring

Select mac-podacadtech-17 Connect to begin sharing

When your screen mirroring session is finished, turn off screen mirroring. Log out and turn off the projector when you have finished teaching.

B. Windows instructions

From the Start Menu > Applications > AirServer Universal

Click AirServer Connect icon in lower right hand corner (tray) to display the AirServer controls

Select Show QR Code

Launch the AirServer Connect app you already download and installed from the App Store. Scan QR Code with the device camera

Swipe up to access screen mirroring feature

Select Screen Mirroring

Select Acadtech -10143 Connect

When you’ve finished, swipe up to screen mirroring, stop mirroring. Log out and turn off projector.

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