Ensemble has a handy “bulk upload” feature which does exactly what its name implies. That’s right, the efficiencies gained by using this feature instead of the one-by-one Add File function saves your fingers many clicks as well.

With your videos saved on your computer, in your Media Library on the right side of the Ensemble editor, click on the Bulk button and select Bulk Upload. Per screenshots below, the videos in our case are on the Desktop. Click on Add Files.

You can either drag and drop the files to the upload screen —  or better yet, hold down the shift button to individually select/highlight multiple video files because they may not be in chronological order. Hold down Shift + Click to select a group of individual files or Shift + Command to select individual non-consecutive files in the list.

Select No Transcode from the pulldown workflow menu. Then, click on Start Upload

Confirmation message to close the window.

In the Media Library, the video files will display. Select them by checking each one individual or use the Select All to check them. Then Bulk Publish

Click On Continue

Videos are now published.

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