To add a user to your Blackboard course, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users
  2. Click onĀ Find Users to Enroll
  3. Type in the Username (ex. akendall)
  4. Select appropriate Role
  5. Click Submit

Regarding Roles:

These are some of the roles you may find most useful:

  • Learner (for a student attending the class but not enrolled) – same privileges as students but will not appear in Grade Center
  • Course Builder (good for student assistants and peer mentors) – ability to edit course content, but not access grades
  • Instructor (fellow faculty you’d like to grant access) – full privileges

Note: Please avoid adding or removing users with the role of Student. Our Banner system automates the process of enrolling and removing students, so any changes you make will automatically be overwritten. One exception to this rule is in regards to ATC/PC portfolios, which are manually created in Blackboard and thus do not present an issue with Banner.

To Remove a User:

  1. Navigate to your Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users
  2. Check the box next to the user’s name you would like to remove
  3. Click the buttonĀ Remove Users from Course

Note: Only System Administrators can remove Instructors from a course. To have an Instructor removed, contact Aaron Kendall (

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