As of Friday July 21st, Skidmore’s WebEx will be discontinued. For a variety of reasons and namely feedback from the community about dissatisfaction with the product, we are pleased to share we are transitioning to a much better service, Zoom.If you’re new to Zoom and just getting started, please check out their tutorials here:¬†¬†A more complete user guide is attached here. Zoom_Getting Started with PC and MAC v6 While Zoom works with most other browsers on Mac and Windows platforms, it highly recommends Chrome as the “go-to” browser for the best user experience and performance.


Zoom comes highly recommended from many of our peers in higher education including most recently the New York Six Consortium’s IT departments which recently undertook a comprehensive evaluation of existing tools on the market. Zoom by far performs better and is priced correctly for the service it provides. As IT continues to work through the integration of Zoom with our existing Skidmore credentials, should you need assistance with Zoom, we can get you up and running in a timely manner. Simply send an email to acadtech at skidmore dot edu for more information.