It’s 12:39am, do you know where your maniacal squirrels are?

I do! They’re asleep!


But seriously, I’ve had some time to reflect on my time here thus far after tonight’s rehearsal. And I thought this early morning post would be one to discuss things I dislike about the school so far. I feel like that’s the attitude to take at this time of the night. I’m blasting the songs to a musical called Legs Diamond right now. It’s a really obscure show, you’ve probably never heard of it. Okay.


A List of Items Related to Skidmore College That I Dislike, 2 and a Half Weeks In To School But That Still Have Time to Improve Themselves and Make It On To The List Of Things I Love (with a few that definitely won’t make it onto the list):


  1. The squirrels. They freak me out.
  2. Some of the food. But I love eating, so most food is on the List of Things I Love.
  3. Cigarette Smoke. Seriously, some people are like Pigpen from Charlie Brown, like perms haze of smoke around them everywhere. All we need is Schroeder playing the CB theme song and Linus giving the monologue about the meaning of Christmas.
  4. Weed smoke. Let’s be honest here. It’s there too.
  5. The blue side of the d-hall. Judgment galore.
  6. Scheissy wi-fi in Howe-Rounds.
  7. The humidity. Like, seerz, I’m from Long Island, and it’s humid down there, but of real, cold wet air is the absolute worst.
  8. The d-hall closes at 11 some nights and 9 other nights and I’m so confused.
  9. The library closes at 1. Oh no.
  10. The air conditioning has a temper like a dog sitting in a hot church in Alabama.
  11. The people who dress like they want people to look at them.
  12. Falstaff’s events being held at Falstaff’s.  They could fill 2 to 3 Falstaff’s comfortably with the amount of people they CRAM into one Falstaff’s.
  13. Dubstep.
  14. How Ben and Jerry’s in town doesn’t take the SkidCard. Double you, tee, eff.




PS: Click the glasses here:

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