I’ve said it on my Twitter, and I’ll say it here: I’ll never understand the appeal of capri pants.

I would like to clarify. I meant capris on men, if I offended anyone. Capris on women often look lovely. But on men, it’s like what the eff.

It’s like the second or third day of Autumn, and it’s a thousand degrees out. In the last few days of summer, I thought it was going to snow, that’s how cold I was. My dorm room is messy. I’ll clean it up tonight, I think. I’m currently sitting in Zankel at Drastics rehearsal.

It’s also Sweatpants Sunday, the only day of the week where I allow myself to go out in public wearing sweatpants. That would be exciting if it weren’t a thousand degrees Celsius outside. That’s really hot.

I have so much work to do between now and 1:30am tomorrow morning, when I’ll go to bed.

25 chem questions. Read a play. Chem will be a total negatively connotated betch to finish before then because whenever I try to start doing my chem work I die a little bit inside because I get it in class and understand how to do it then, but I can just never concentrate when I start. My goal tonight after rehearsal is to totally focus and get the chem work done quickly and with great ease. LOL WHAT A JOKESTER I AM.

Okay, lemme go.


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