How is the bathroom situation? I've never had to share one before…

Great question, anonymous prospective student! The bathroom situation isn't that bad. I'm coming from a home where I only had to share a bathroom with my sister, so I'm used to sharing the space. However, you'd think that five guys sharing a bathroom would be as hectic as a standard school morning in Cheaper by the Dozen. But it's not. We all run on different schedules, so it's a rare occasion that we'll all need to use the bathroom at the same time. The one thing that aggravates is when someone doesn't clean up after shaving or brushing their teeth. Or when the Febreze isn't used after…never mind. But it's very easy. It's not bad. The showers are yucky, so bring a pair of flip flops that will be dedicated exclusively to the Blendex shower floor. The showers sometimes smell funny, but it's just the sulfur in the water. Deelish. Ew, I sound like Rachael Ray. I hate her, like seriously just say Olive Oil instead of EVOO. There is no way a healthy meal can be cooked in 30 minutes or less, and definitely no way you can go out for all three meals of the day plus one random snack for 40 dollars or less. Whoa, 2004 throwback whaaaaat? Bon voyage! Hope this helped! Kevi.

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