The Norman Conquests

Here’s a hint, read what you can, and what you don’t have time for, SparkNotes it.

Just kidding don’t use Sparknotes. [Subtext reads: DO IT.]

Just got back from chemistry. I’m actually really really enjoying the class and the prof is great, it just requires an intense amount of concentration. Thank God I’m not a chem major. Bad things could happen. I mean, I could die from mixing the wrong chemicals and balancing the wrong equation.

Seriously, I could die though. I mean, if a stage light in the theatre fell on my head I could also die, were the light’s initial height and velocity gain enough. OMGPHYSICSWHAT.


Go to SkidmoreUnofficial for everything, as my Scribner peer mentor said, “Skidmore…unofficially.” I check it every day, and find myself cracking up every time I do.


A list idea!


Websites I Check Every Day


1. Facebook

2. Skidmore E-mail

3. Playbill, theatre news

4. 9gag

5. SkidmoreUnofficial

6. NY Times Theatre

7. Various blogs

8. My other non-school e-mail.

9. Twitter






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