I’m so excited. Can you tell?

Hi kids,

I’ma be brief tonight.

Maybe not. This morning, I overheard someone mispronouncing candy names in the Atrium Cafe. I hope she was being sarcastic. It really made me upset that she doesn’t know her candy names.

Lady: Okay, you need a few of Reesee’s Peecees. And a few of Double Ms and maybe a case or two of Hershay’s


Are you kidding me? Like…I don’t know why this made me really upset, but it was early in the morning and right before chem and I hadn’t had coffee (or in today’s case, hot chocolate…it was one of those days) yet.


This week hasn’t been nearly as stressful as I thought it would be. I have to write a paper tonight, due tomorrow. Not bad. It’s just 1000 words on my favorite protagonist in any play I’ve read for my The Art of Reading Plays class.


In 11 days, the AIDS Benefit show I’ve been working on for the last month goes up. I’m extremely excited slash nervous for a few reasons: it’s my first show I’m directing at Skidmore, it’s a one-woman show, I’m afraid people won’t come out and support the show, I’m afraid it will be bad. I’m scared for no reason because none of the above will be true. It’s going to be an amazing show. Last night, the decision was made to perform the show as a staged reading, meaning that the show will be done with full tech, lights, and dress, but the actress will be holding the script in her hand.


I’m very excited, and if any prospies are here the weekend of the November 11th open house, I’m sure you’ll be gone by then, but try and come to the show. I’ll post the link to the Facebook event below.


Measure in Love,





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