Why I Like It Here

My fellow pilgrims to Plymouth Rock,


It has been just over two months since my arrival at this small bubble of life away from the rest of society. Well, a few minutes by bus or a half hour away by foot from the rest of society. And since this is my monumental 80th blog post, I would like to give some of the reasons why I love it here at Skidmo, while still maintaining my betchy attitude towards things.


5. The Classes

I’m taking 5 classes and I love every single one of them. The previous statement would sound better if I were taking a thousand classes and loved every single one of them. I think it would have more of an effect. Know what? I’m not taking 5 classes. I’m taking a thousand classes. I lied in the first sentence of this paragraph. I love all one thousand of them. Some highlights of my 1000 credit workload are: my Scribner Seminar, Reading Minds; The Art of Reading Plays, Introduction to Theatre, Chemistry, and Theatre Company. I’ll do a post about Theatre Company tomorrow, but for now I’ll focus on the classes as a whole. All my classes are loads of fun and the professors really care about your success. Which is nice. If you have any questions you don’t want to ask in class because you’re afraid of seeming stupid, you can e-mail them and they’ll either e-mail back an answer or set up an appointment to discuss your question. They all have open office hours as well, so if  you want to just go hang out with them for a little bit, you totes can. I have chem lab in a few minutes.


4. The Food

The food is delicious. I need to go on a diet. I seriously do. Or start going for walks or something. I don’t know. I need to get into shape. I think I’ve discussed the food up the wazoo before and I’ll do it again now. Best place in D-Hall, Global Cafe. Worst? Hm…I like them all too much to say that one is the worst.  I love food in general. I like candy too. I eat way too much of it. Okay. Sometimes I eat so much candy my tummy hurts. Ew, am I a kindergartner? Tummy hurts? No. My belly hurts. Much better. The d-hall has such a wide variety of food bound to make you feel good. Where else but the mall can you have pad thai noodles on the same plate as chicken caprese salad and a burger? I know! The Dining Hall.


3. The Place Itself, The Campus, The Atmosphere

I walk around late at night and am so happy. I walk around after sunset and am so happy. I walk around as the sun sets and am so happy. I walk around in the middle of the afternoon and am so happy. I walk around right before lunch time and am so happy. I walk around in the morning and want to shoot someone because I haven’t had my coffee yet. But for realz, I love walking around campus and seeing all the interesting people with the crazy outfits the hippies wear, the amazing outfits the WASP-types wear, the cool clothing the hipsters wear, and just the clothing the generally in-style people wear. I love overhearing bits and pieces of conversations that I hear as I pass couples and groups on the way to class or home to my dorm. If I assembled some of the things I’ve heard into one giant sentence, we would have a crazy world: I love- blow- John’s house- you know- where can I get- milk? The campus is gorgeous and sometimes the way the light hits some of the buildings makes me smile and makes me never want to leave.


2. The Opportunities

The opportunities to do what you love are uncountable here. Whether you sing, play a sport LOL, paint rocks, burn large wire sculptures of dogs, write sci-fi novels set in medieval Mesopotamia, write Medieval novels set in sci-fi Mesopotamia, make movies about crosswalks, love Audrey Hepburn and Bob Marley and wish they made a movie together, or smoke, there is a place here for you. For me, I found my place in the theatre company (again, tomorrow) and in Drastics, and my real niche could be in AIDS Benefit. I have a cold. If you want to put on a show, there’s a group who will help you get your show performed. If you want to start a Twilight appreciation super fan club, I mean, who wouldn’t?–You can. Easily. Yay.


1. The People: I Love It the Most

I’m getting hungry and I’m sure there will be another post devoted to the people here, but I love the people here. It’s always interesting to meet an international student, or to make a friend in a social circle you never thought you would. Okay. I’m starving. Dinner time.


Measure in Love,



4. The

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