Lorrie Moore.

Hi everyone,


It’s rather late (a trend among most of my posts) so I’ll be brief.


Tonight I had Drastics, followed immediately by a talk from Lorrie Moore, the author of my summer reading FYE book, A Gate at the Stair, followed immediately by a comedy workshop for the stand-up comedy show I’m performing in next week.


The Lorrie Moore talk was a lot more interesting than anticipated. Up until about an hour and a half before the talk, I had sworn I would not go to the talk, even if it was for extra credit for my Scrib Sem. Check out my SkidTwitter for the live tweet of the event. As sarcastic as my tweets seem, I was alternately entranced and entertained by the entire thing, often at the same time. I thought it was very interesting. There were times when the thing got very tense, because Linda Hall, the interviewer clearly hated the book and clearly hated Lorrie Moore.


I left a tad early.


Measure in Love,



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