Roof/Tang – A Loose Cannon Post

Hi people,


No, this isn’t a rage page about how effing mad I am that the HoRo laundry machines make me want to punt a small rabbit (Sorry Emmeline, but sometimes I do).


This is a story about my Friday night. It was surreal. I had a lot of milk earlier in the night, but I wasn’t feeling the milk so much anymore. I was in the Spa with my friends Alexia, Zac, and Will. Our amiga Liz was there earlier, but she was tired and went back to Northwoods. Lame. I know. We were heading home, because we were all tired, and sort of simultaneously, we all looked up and saw this massive expanse of stars above our heads. Alexia was ready for bed, but Zac and Will and I convinced her to go lay in the meadow by the pond and look at the stars. So we did. Which was an incredible experience, it made me realize I’m living the life here. Then we all began to get very cold, so Zac jumped up, and started running. We followed after him, each at our own pace. We initially thought we were being led to the soccer field. Where we were going however, was somewhere I’d never been. We climbed the stairs in the front of the Tang to the patio on the upper levels of the building. As if being the view of campus and of Schenectady’s haze in the distance wasn’t beautiful enough, Zac put his hands on the wall ledge of the patio and hopped onto the tilt of the roof. And up we all went. You would never think being on the roof of a building would change your life, but for some reason, this slightly (read: very) against-the-rules trip to the top of the Tang did. It was a rite of passage.


There are many rites of passage one has top go through in one’s life, not necessarily in this order: graduating high school, first kiss, first time getting smashed, first time away from home, a lot of special firsts.


For many, just staying that first week away from home at college is the gateway to a whole set of passage rites (too lazy to type “of”…scheisse…I just did). My first week here I went through about a thousand rites of passage here. They make you feel incredibly independent.


I don’t have much more to say other than this: Prospies, if y’all choose to come here, you better climb the Tang at some point.


Time for a comedy show in the Spa.


Measure in Love,



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