Question from an anonymous prospective student: Between the Hunger Games, Harry Potter & The Twilight Saga, which is your favorite?

Great question, anonymous prospective student?

I’m not sure that answering this Formspring question will inform your decision in coming here, but whatever.

Definitely not The Twilight Saga. Poorly written series that emphasizes how important it is to have a boyfriend. While that is a very important part of one’s life, there are other things that take priority.

The child inside me wants me to say Harry Potter all the way, since I grew up with it and can take almost any conversation down a path that will end with a hilarious hippogriff drinking a butter beer in the Leaky Cauldron reference and we’ll all laugh, sit back, and fondly remember our first time with Harry. My first time with Harry was in my friend’s attic, actually. A group of my friends had formed this club and every week we’d go up to his attic and read Harry. We thought we were such badasses, reading Harry Potter in the attic like it wasn’t no thang. I loved the books and movies and sobbed when I saw the final installment of the film series alone, in June or July or whatever. I LOL’d when I saw Twilight.

However, the young peace-minded adult in me wants to say The Hunger Games. First of all, the books are incredible. There’s no arguing that the books are not better written than Twilight, and in some cases, better than a few of the Harry Potter books. The book’s lightning fast paced plot draws you in like a leech draws blood from a wound back in 1776. You get so sucked into the books that when you start reading at, say, 9pm, it only seems like two minutes until you finish the book at 3am. The book’s messages of peace and promotion of government reform hit home with our nation’s current scheisse show of affairs.

Okay, no more procrastination, I have to study,

I’d say The Hunger Games.

Measure in Love,



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