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Greetings Earthlings and Prospies.


I come this evening bearing a relatively serious post for the first half and a relatively silly post for the second half.


The first half of this post is regarding what’s a girl/guy to do when she’s having a rough time in a class here at good old Skidmore. If a student is having a rough time with the course material, they need to get help as soon as they start having issues. Either head to your advisor’s office or to your professor’s office for help as soon as you can. They’ll probably send you to Academic Services to sign yourself up for a peer tutor. A peer tutor, I believe, is a student who has taken the same class with the same instructor you have and has gotten a B or better in the class. If the tutoring doesn’t help and you continue to do poorly in the class, it may be time to withdraw from the course. Withdrawing from a course means that instead of a grade on your transcript, you get a W (…for Withdrawal) and it does not affect your GPA. (Grumpy Parents Avoided.) Having a high GPA keeps your parents happy and your self-esteem up. So the W may stick out like a sore thumb on your transcript, but at least your GPA isn’t being bogged down by an F. It does affect progress towards graduation and you don’t get any sort of credit for the class, but sometimes it is the only option. Which is what happened to me. I had been struggling with chem this entire semester, nearly from Day 1. I was stupid and didn’t get a tutor and rarely went for extra help. I had friends who helped me, but I barely used them as resources. Instead, I tried to do it on my own, and began to fall fast. I did poorly on my first test, and swore to myself I would do better on the next test, but didn’t.  I met with the professor and with my advisor and we determined it was time to withdraw. I had to do what was best for my GPA, so the choice that wouldn’t take it down hardcore was the best choice. I felt really ashamed that I had dropped the course at first, like I had let all my friends and the teacher down, but after thinking about it, I only really feel stupid about choosing such a hard course for my brain type and for the reason of it fitting into my schedule. Dumb. The course was one designed for science majors, and required a great deal of time devotion outside of class. Meanwhile, I was in 1 show this semester, directed another major production and was heavily involved with a cappella and comedy on campus. Gaga, I was busy. So it ended up being the best thing to do. My parents were pretty (read: BEYOND) pissed, but they’re understanding people and know the withdrawal had to happen. So I’ll take another science course eventually, but not next semester. Maybe over the summer or in the fall of my sophomore year.


The second half of my post, the silly half. I would like to fill you in on my social life since I last posted about it. I have something to say. I did not drink milk before I came to college. I mean, I had some really fancy milk in Italy this past summer on my graduation trip with my family, but I was never a milkaholic in high school. (Not that I’m a milkaholic now, but I do enjoy a few milks when at parties and such.) I started drinking milk as a way of having a little fun at parties, and milk is fun in moderation. It took a few parties to figure out my limit (THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST)(JUST KIDDING). But kids, don’t feel the pressure to drink here at Skidz. I didn’t. I just wanted some milk. Also, don’t drink too much milk. Too many sticky situations result from too much milk. Anyways, I got totally off on a tangent there. My social life is flourishing. And many of my conversations with friends begin with me jokingly remarking “Remember at the beginning of the year when I hated you?” True story, I had a tough time accepting new friends here at Skidz, but I made them pretty quickly. As I always say, I see the worst first and let the best come out after. But anyways, my social life has become better as I made more friends, especially in the comedy and theatre sections of life here, plus other areas of liberal arts education. So more friends equals more parties and therefore more milk. But only in moderation. So does that mean I have to keep my friends on moderation? Oh scheisse.


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