H8rz gonna h8, w8rz gonna w8 on me and bring me my steak and home fries.

Hi children,


Tonight is an odd night. Now that I’m no longer in chem, my Wednesday night schedule is way effed up. Usually at this time, 8pm or so on a Wednesday night, I’d be having a small mental breakdown as I struggle to complete my post- and pre-labs. And now I have nothing to do, dang nabbit.


5 Things I Could Do Tonight, But Most Likely Will Not Do

1. Catch up on Modern Family (even though I’ll totally do this)

2. Get started on my Scribner Seminar final paper

3. Start writing a new play

4. Cry

5. Go to sleep early.


5 Things I Did Tonight, Some of Which Are Productive

1. Had a great dinner date with my friend Sarah, and then a nice talk with my friend Rosie and Ben.

2. Made some progress in each of the books I’m currently reading for leisure.

3. Looked at my outline for my final Scribner Seminar final paper.

4. Listened to the soundtracks to Avenue Q and The Wild Party.

5. Wrote this blog post.


That’s the thing about Wednesday nights, they used to be so busy. And now what? I don’t even know what to do with myself. I used to have such a set schedule and now I feel ly life collapsing to pieces around me. Well, not really, I’m not a drama queen. LMFAO. Yes I am. But seriously, what do you do when you don’t know what to do? I know what I just did. I took a long arse break from writing this post (my 90th post by the way) and had a long cry. So I can cross that off my list.


4. Cry.


Measure in Love,


Sad Kev


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