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Yo betches,


Y’all are gonna yell at me immediately for this, but I’m drinking Starbucks when I said I’d only drink Uncommon while I’m here. But it’s Red Cup Christmas season at Starbucks and everything in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas has me in such an incredible mood. I’m just sitting here smiling as I type this in Starbucks. This chair is beyond comfortable. And the seasonal music by Enya playing in the background has a calming effect. Anyways, I’m sitting her drinking an absolutely outstanding Grande 2% Peppermint Mocha Extra ‘Spresso. Red Cup season is the only excuse to drink Starbucks if there is a coffee company in town that has arguably better coffee than Starbucks Corporation’s. I’m sitting here by the barista bar, and all I hear are the various types of Peppermint Mochas. The Peppermint Mocha is the Christmas drink. I say Christmas because we celebrate Christmas in my family. And by Christmas I mean the entire holiday season. The Peppermint Mocha is like the entire holiday season because it’s just like a regular mocha, but with that little something extra that makes you smile. The holiday season is like the rest of the year, but with a little more happiness.


My life right now is literally perfect. I registered for classes today, getting into all of the courses I wanted to: Intro to Acting, Intro to Gender Studies, Elementary Italian I, Advanced Playwriting, and Theatre Company. I woke up really early at the buttcrack of dawn to sign up for classes, which I did pretty quickly. Then I told myself I’d go back to my bed for an hour and then get up, shower, and get breakfast before class. Instead, I was woken up 10 minutes before class by my roommate, thank Gaga. In that ten minutes, I showered, ate a PopTart, brushed my teeth, brushed my long wavy locks, got dressed, changed my outfit three times because the outfits I wanted to wear didn’t go with my favorite pair of Friday socks, drink 3 liters of water, and get to class with 6 minutes to spare. Talk about multitasking while multitasking.


Today, Regis Philbin retired. I thought he was dead. So congrats, Reeg, for still being alive. I just watched a really nice farewell to him they did on The Regis and Kelly Lee Show this morning. I always get teary-eyed when people I watched when I was sick and on days off in grade school retire from television, even if I haven’t watched the show in years.




Things I Have Coming Up In My Life That I Am Looking Forward To With The Most Excitement

1. Thanksgiving, duh

I am so so so so so excited togo back to Long Island for a few reasons. Disregard the fact that I don’t consider Long Island my home for a second so I can tell you the reasons why I’m looking forward to being on Strong Island for this little tease of a vacation: I get to go to my high school. I’m very very very excited to see my friends who are still in high school, and to see my old teachers, and to see some of my fellow Chaminade graduate. Fortes in Unitate. That should be a fun day. I’m mainly excited to see my best friend Mike from Long Island. We’re meeting for breakfast before going to school. Whoop whoop! I’m enormously excited to drive my car again. It’s going to be so weird. Driving is so therapeutic to me. Nowhere else can I scream Beyonce at the top of my lungs and have no one judge me for it. LADIES IF YOU LOVE YOUR MAN SHOW HIM YOU THE FLY-EST. I can’t wait to drive all my familiar routes and see how they’ve changed since I’ve been at college. Maybe I’ll realize I’ve changed. I don’t know. It’ll be interesting. I’m excited to see my family. I’m excited to see my parents, my dog, and most of all, Bridget. We constantly text, which makes it seem like we’re always talking, but at the same time, it’s not the same not having her eight or nine feet away in her room across the hall. I’m so excited to see Godspell on Broadway. Like, despite my vague Catholicism, I love love love the show, and several of the actors gave me chills when I watched the rehearsal videos. ┬áSo it’ll be fun to see how they re-interpret the show onstage. Plus, Hunter Parrish is in it. That’s all I need to say on that. I can’t wait to eat turkey and sleep in my normal bed that doesn’t sink in the middle.


2. Passion Play, duh

Passion Play is the theater department’s Mainstage production this semester, and I can’t wait. Tonight is opening night. I’ll be ushering, so if you see me, recognize me and say hello. I don’t bite, despite sarcasm that does.


3. Everything a cappella

I had some trouble earlier in the season with Drastics, but now I can honestly say I love the group more than I have ever before. We’ve got a scheisse load of gigs coming up, and then our final jam of the semester, Drastic Measures Make a Viral Video. Yes, the theme of our concert this semester is YouTube. I can’t wait. The same weekend, Drastics are heading to Worcester, Massachusetts to sing at Clark University with the Clark Bars, one of the a cappella groups there. I suppose we’ll party with them as well. Got Milk? Speaking of parties, tonight is the Accents’ final name of the semester, called Accents Do Aquapella. I assume the theme is water. I don’t know. It’ll be fun. I’m going to see a few of my friends perform in the group. And them to party with them. I’ve got all the hot invites here at Skiddy.


4. And last, but not least, Christmas Music

Nothing gets me in the holiday mood more than Christmas music. Literally nothing. Not even the Peppermint Mocha. Once Thanksgiving night, eight PM hits, my computer and iPod are only going to be playing Christmas music. Until December 31st, all that will go into my ears will have lyrics suggestive of a Nativity or of shepherds or Fa-La-Laing. I have a lot of Christmas music. My favorites are the Broadway Christmas albums. Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS releases a CD each holiday season where all of the current Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals record a carol in the style of their show. For example, last year’s Gaga-awful revival of Promises, Promises recorded a version of O Come O Come Emmanuel that suggested Mad Men meets Tommy Tune. My favorite carol ever from these recordings is The Little Mermaid’s version of Rise Up Shepherd and Follow. It seems to be a trend that the awful shows make really cool Christmas carols.


Alright, it’s time for me to head back to campus and grab some grub (EW I SOUND LIKE AN EFFING FARMER) before dressing to usher the show.




Measure in Love,



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