This week doesn’t even deserve to be called a week in my book. Besides writing an essay, I’m on Thanksgiving break right now.

Hi turkeys,


It’s Monday in America. The Monday before Thanksgiving, which means here at Skidmore that nothing is happening. I feel like we’re back in pre-or and regular-or when we had nothing to do besides sit in dining hall or in the dorms and chat or troll the internet. My theater professor wasn’t in class today, so that was easy. I have my seminar fourth hour tonight for an hour. And I have no classes tomorrow, just a meeting with a professor about the essay mentioned in this post’s title. I’m taking a break from writing the essay to write this.


I’m sitting in dining hall at my favorite table observing. Again, you can tell people are in the Thanksgiving spirit: cute outfits, smiling, coffee, apples. Just a typical day at Skidmore. Skidmo’ money, Skidmo’ Problems. Everyone seems so happy, there’s a lot of laughter. One fat boy is sitting alone at a table crying, but he’s an anomaly. Aw, poor fatty, why are you crying? Just kidding, he’s not fat. Or crying. I made him up. #fiction.


I’m drinking such tasty coffee from Atrium right now. It’s cinnamon swirl coffee. It legit tastes like a Cinnabon with coffee frosting. I went through a hot chocolate phase a few weeks ago because I’d been getting tired of the poor coffee choices I’d been making. Then I discovered a coffee cup making tactic that changed everything for some odd reason: Put the milk and sugar in first LOL what. It’s absolutely freezing in dining hall right now. I should really be wearing a long-sleeve shirt instead of sitting here totally shirtless right now. Just kidding, I’m not shirtless, that would cause mass vomiting. I’m wearing a neon blue Polo short. I’m sitting here listening to my Strong Independent Woman playlist on iTunes.


It’s really really cold. Oh my Gaga.


Reasons Why This Week Shouldn’t Count For Anyone


1. Twilight

Any week involving sparkly vampires making that large amount of money should just be thrown down the memory hole. I’m #confused as to why anyone likes these movies. They’re legit the worst movies ever. I read my favorite blogger Ryan O’Connell’s take on the Twilight Saga and thought the movie (not even good enough to be called film) franchise needed to be mentioned.


2. No One is Focusing on Work When They Know Santa Will Be Riding Down Central Park West on Thursday Morning

Everyone is more excited for Thanksgiving than anything else. Everyone here is focusing on cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and packing to go home rather than on Chaucer or acquired dyslexia, and everyone in the #real world is doing the same, focusing on the parade and playing football on Grandma’s front lawn rather than on punching in time cards and filling pout spreadsheets. The anticipation is too much.


3. It’s Red Cup Season At Starbucks.

Enough said.


4. A month from Friday is Christmas.

The anticipation is building. I’m beyond excited. This holiday season is my jam, for some reason. Last year, I was focusing on getting into college and stuff at this point, but here I am, in college, focusing on being the best person I can be.


Alright, I have 800 words of an essay to write in the next two and a half hours.


Measure in Love,





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