I’m 18. I’ll be 19 tomorrow.

Hi everyone,


I turn 19 tomorrow, on Saturday the 26th. And my life is vastly different from when I was 17 turning 18 last year.


When I was 17 turning 18was , I never expected to be at Skidmore. When I was 17, I thought I would be at NYU Tisch studying playwriting. Instead, NYU rejected me and I decided I didn’t like my second choice school anymore after visiting on accepted students’ day (all freaky people) and I enrolled here. And I’m happier than I ever thought I would be. And I’m glad I didn’t end up going to NYU. It turned one of my close friends into a pretentious, better-than-thou, better-than-the-world, look at how anorexic I am I am such an artist sit with me get drunk and make art with me person.


When I was 17 turning 18, I never expected I’d have gone to Italy. But I did, for my graduation present. Some of the best experiences of my life. Unforgettable.


When I was 17 turning 18, I said to myself I’d have someone to hold hands with by the time I was 18 turning 19. Not yet. I thought I’d hit the jackpot, but that didn’t happen.


When I was 17 turning 18, I never thought I’d be home, at home. I’m home at home now. And home is now Skidmore. I live there now, and being “home” on Long Island this weekend is really uncomfortable for me. I don’t know what I’m going to do over winter break. Cry frequently, probably.


When I was 17 turning 18, I hated ethnic food. Now I don’t. Curry, please.


When I was 17 turning 18, I never thought I’d love my sister as much as I do. I know I always post about her. But it’s all true.


When I was 17 turning 18, I thought my best friends and I would be best forever. Nope. #college.


When I was 17 turning 18, I didn’t appreciate how good I have it. Now that I’m 18 turning 19, I realize I do, better than most. And I appreciate my parents for everything they’ve ever done and will do for me. They worked their asses off to put me through school and get me to be the man I am today. Even though I am lady-fabulous. It’s a saying. The man I am today. Never mind. Promise me, prospies, that you will never take your parents for granted. They are the reason I’m here, because they know I can succeed.


When I was 17 turning 18, I only listened to female pop singers and show tunes.


Now that I’m 18 turning 19, it hasn’t changed.


Measure in Love,



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