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Hi elves,


It’s that time of year right now: Finals time. Everyone is gallivanting around finishing up those final papers and editing and editing again and then running spell check again just in case and then submitting each paper. Then come the final exams. Some people have one in every class, but I’m lucky enough to only have one exam to contend with. Unfortunately, there’s a major easy due for the written part of the final the same day. Whatever, I’ll rock it out.


Christmas is my favorite time of year.


Do you want a list?


Of Course You Want a List of Reasons Why I Love Christmastime

1. Christmas carols!

From the time Santa passes through Herald Square on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade all the way through until the day after Christmas when I’ve loaded all the new music I’ve gotten from Saint Nick, I listen exclusively to holiday music. My favorite Christmas album of all time is A Christmas Together with John Denver and the Muppets. It’s legit a gorge album and you wouldn’t expect it to be so nice and have such great music, even moving at time. It’s nice to hear the Muppets being treated with respect, as opposed to the awful Muppets Christmas Rock! album released a few years ago. And John Denver’s voice is as smooth as butter. I also love Straight No Chaser’s Christmas albums. #obsessed.


2. The lights, the lights, the lights!

I absolutely adore Christmas decorations, especially set ups that are done spectacularly well. Like in that Wizards in Winter video. But not as tacky.


3. Ginderbread and peppermint.

I love those two flavors. MMM. A gingerbread cookie dipped in a peppermint mocha is almost too much to handle. Speaking of foods too much to handle, dinner in d-hall was so so so tasty tonight, and even before eating, my salivary glands were going bazerk. Anyways, gingerbread.


4. Any time of year that involves Philip Glotzbach reading poetry is a time of year I love.

Yes, he’s reading poetry at tomorrow night’s tree lighting. I’ll post about that…after it happens. If you think this is a Christmasy post…just wait until tomorrow.




Measure in Love,




Also, you all need to watch this. Now.



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