Christmas Post #∞

Hi reindeer,


This is my 99th post. Just saying.


Just finished watching Hercules. Love that movie almost as much as I love The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Beauty and the Beast. But not even close to as much as I love The Princess and the Frog.


Tonight was a fun night. A lot of quotes that are a lot funnier of you were there.

The tree lighting was on Case Green tonight. It was freezing. GLOTZBACH read a poem by Dr. Seuss. #exhilarating. My favorite funny-if-you-were-there-yet-still-kind-of-funny quote from this event was “This is a non-denominational event, you know? So it’s not…denominational.” #ItsAChristmasTreeNotAHolidayShrub. Drastics sang. Fun fun!


Tonight was also the occasion of the Christmas Victorian Streetwalk. Broadway was closed off from five to ten and everyone was…walking in the street (street walk) and there were choirs dressed up like they were from Victorian England (hence Victorian) and everyone was being so nice and in the holiday spirit. The Drastics sang on the first floor of the Saratoga Marketplace, which is one of my favorite places in town, actually.


I’m tired.


Measure in Love,



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