100: Keeping It Classier Than Moorebid

Hi everyone,


Congratulations! We’ve made it to 100 fun and fanciful blog posts! I refuse to reflect on the changes my blog and I have undergone since that fateful first post back in September.


Instead, I’ll discuss my life these past few days and nights. The past two nights, I’ve been in the theatre building, working at Passion Play. I’ve seen it three times now with a fourth and final time approaching tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon and I can truly say it is stunning. The playwright, Sarah Ruhl, is one of my hero’s and every word she writes comes from a place of brilliant inspiration. The show is hilarious and moving and emotionally devastating, and I take more from it each time I experience the play.


In the theatre building, I work in the box office and ushering. These past two nights I’ve been in the box office, being the number one box office assistant. It helps that I work with all my friends there. If I wasn’t friends with the box office workers, I’d probably hate the job. Just kidding, but seriously hatred.


Tonight was Junior Ring. I’m not the person to ask about why it was called the Junior Ring. I wasn’t even planning on going because they were #waytooabrasive in their attempts to get me to buy a ticket to the thing. After PashPlay, I was asked to go by one of my gal friends. She gave me an extra ticket, so I went and got dressed and went to my friend’s room to get ready. Then we headed to the gym.


Now, this was no Moorebid. It was pretty far from a scheisse show actually, considering that it was a school function deemed worthy of one of the school-wide Act Resp0nsibly e-mails. Considering that it was held in the same location as Moorebid.


I had a great time though! I think everyone did!


The theme was Luck Be A Lady Great Gatsby type thing. I misread and dressed as geriatric as possible: loafers, jeans, shirt, tie, and cardigan. I legit looked like a grandpa. Before a hip replacement because I was tearing up the dance floor like it ain’t no thang. Just kidding, I really didn’t look old. I looked classy, just like everyone else who had a vaguely coordinated outfit.


Either way, I had a really really great night. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow and Monday as my final week of the semester begins and then ends. Oh my Gaga. It’s almost winter break. What am I gonna do? I know! I’ll BLOG! And TWEET! And go to the final performance of Billy Elliot…35 days. Crying. Believe me, there will be a Billy Bye Bye Post.


Measure in Love,


Kevin “I Just Wanted to Dance in the Ballet” Berry

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