These are a few of my favorite things.

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Sitting at my usual spot in d-hall, with my friend Johnny. He’s also a Drastic and is probably the funniest person I know (when he doesn’t sleep, he added. When he does sleep, he’s an ignorant moron–his words, not mine). ¬†We ate lunch together today and for dessert had the best cookies d-hall, which made me think of today’s thoughts:


A List of Some of My Favorite Things, Either Related or Unrelated to Skidmore


1. Keeping with the title of the post, the finale scenes in The Sound of Music

Something about the closing half hour of the movie, starting with the family’s disappearance at the music festival all the way through the end when the family is successfully climbing the mountains sans oxygen. Something about these final moments of the film bring a tear to my eye. A similar film that has me in messy sobbing tears at the end is Dreamgirls. Literally when Effie White comes out at the end, I’m done. Tears everywhere, I got a shawl on my head, crying like there’s no tomorrow.


2. The cookies here in d-hall today, keeping with my intro paragraph

Today’s cookies were these chocolate M&M happiness cookies. They weren’t actually called happiness cookies, I’m only calling them that due to the emotion that flows through me when I take my first bite. #obesity.


3. Other people laughing.

4. Masking tape.

4. Cashmere sweaters.

5. Moleskine notebooks.

6. The e-mail telling you you have a package.

7. Sticking with the mail theme, checking your mailbox after a milk-filled night to find that you have mail.

8. The feeling of a new book in your hand.

9. The symbol on the Kindle that tells you your new book finished downloading.

10. Being so full after a theme dinner in d-hall that you cry because it hurts so good.

11. How all of my friend group messes with each other to no end.

12. A well written monologue.


Measure in Love,



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