You have to be careful in the gardens of a successful homemaker.

Hi everyone,


I’m sitting in Case right now, with one of my closest friends Alex. She’s making a face that can only be described as terrifyingly unattractive and I feel the bile creeping up my esophagus. Or maybe it’s just some of the Peppermint hot cocoa they have at Burgess that I’ve been drinking instead of water coming back up. Ew. Nope, it’s definitely not. I love it so much.


She’s working on a paper, I’m working on my blog and an essay. She’s stressed, I’m not. She’s not managed her time well, pushing everything til the last minute. I have managed my time well, and didn’t push everything til the last minute. Moral of the story: When in Saratoga, do as the Thoroughbreds do, and procrastinate to no end. I procrastinate just enough to get me working, if that makes sense. It doesn’t.


Mmm, this peppercocoamint is so tasty. And satisfying.


I hate Alex. No I don’t, I’m sitting with her, I love her. LOL WHAAAAT?


Today I had to write my first teacher/course evaluation. It was strange doing so, since I never had a say in my teachers’ futures in high school. You fill out the course info and rate various aspects of the course on a scale of one to five. And then we give our perspectives on the course. It was stressful and wonderful all at once. I was brutally honest. I like being brutally honest. Sometimes it saddens me that people are saddened by my brutal honesty. If I hate your crop top or think you look pregnant in the jeans you’re wearing and you’re a guy, I will tell you the crop top is a shirt for women and that men should not look preggers. But seriously, course evals are not to be taken lightly.


I’m going to start writing my new play now.


Measure in Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns, Syrup, and Love,



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