This is what visiting another college is like:



Hi reindeer and elves!


I’ve just returned home from a long long long night of a cappella, fun, and sleeping in Worcester, Massachusetts. The Drastic Measures were invited to sing at Clark University’s a cappella group’s winter jam, “The Clark Bars present The Ugly Sweater Party featuring the Skidmore Drastic Measures, the SUNY New Paltz Male Call, and the Mount Holyoke Diversions.” It was a blast. I was totally not expecting the gig to be as fun as it was, but they were so accommodating and welcoming and made us feel like we belonged there.


Of course we didn’t. Because we’re Thoroughbreds. Not….Clark…ies…The campus was really really nice but odd, plopped right in the middle of this sort of residential neighborhood. It was on Worcester, home of The College of the Holy Cross, but they apparently don’t associate with “The Hill.” I thought that was hilarious, I don’t know.


Hey! Early Admission letters go out this week, aw yeah, new Thoroughbreds! New Thoroughbreds to ask really good (#awfulbutsometimesgreat) questions on the Facebook groups! The most excited! Ask questions!


Okay, I’m going to the town for dinner with Emmeline and Gab tonight to finally properly celebrate my birthday!


I’ll post tomorrow!


Measure in Love,



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